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Order Status Mapping

Learn how to map order statuses between Bolt and BigCommerce systems.

As Bolt processes an order, it transitions through several different statuses. You can view these statuses from the following resources:

Order Status Mapping

Use the following table to map Bolt order statuses from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard and Bolt Webhooks to BigCommerce Order statuses.

When a shopper places an order, the initial order status is Awaiting Fulfillment (or Awaiting Payment if order requires manual capture). This status is set by BigCommerce. Subsequently, Bolt will update the order status to one of the following:

Bolt Transaction Status BigCommerce Order Status Description
Pending Manual Verification Required Order was created and is under review.
Authorized Awaiting Fulfillment Order passed fraud review and requires manual capture.
Completed Awaiting Fulfillment Order passed fraud review and was automatically captured.
Reversibly Rejected Manual Verification Required Order was flagged for potential fraud and qualifies for re-review.
Irreversibly Rejected Cancelled Order was not force-approved and remains rejected.

You may see statuses in BigCommerce that do not directly map to Bolt Statuses. This may be because of your chosen capture settings.

Unmapped BigCommerce Order Status Details
Awaiting Payment Awaiting Payment status only applies when a merchant has Bolt configured to “Authorize Only”. This status will update to “Awaiting Fulfillment” (Bolt’s “Authorized” or “Completed” statuses, depending on your Bolt capture settings) within 5 minutes.
Manual Verification Required In the event that BigCommerce flags the order as fraudulent, you must manually authorize the order.

Status Example

Statuses as seen in BigCommerce’s Dashboard.

statuses in bc

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