Frequently asked questions for BigCommerce merchants using Bolt One-Click.

The FAQs below will give you more information on using Bolt One-Click Checkout with BigCommerce.

If you have question but want a response, please reach out to your Bolt representative or Bolt’s Support Team. You can also find more FAQs on our Bolt One-Click for BigCommerce Information Page.


What is Bolt One-Click Checkout?

How does One-Click Checkout differ from the standard BigCommerce checkout process?

What value does One-Click Checkout provide?

Onboarding & Access

How do I sign up for Bolt One-Click Checkout?

How long does the integration take to implement?

How do I access my Bolt Account?

Shopper Experience

What happens if a shopper has a Bolt Account and a BigCommerce Account?


How to I make Back Office Orders?

What analytics and metrics do you offer?

How do I change my capture settings?

Checkout Customization

Can I add my merchant logo to the checkout modal?

Can I change the text that says 'Credit/Debit Card'?

Can I change the Bolt Shopper Account Creation opt-out to opt-in?

How do I add a fee to checkout to comply with local laws?

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