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Manage Your Billing Information

Access and update the billing information associated with the Bolt Platform.

Bolt has launched a new Merchant Dashboard experience. See this page for help documentation that reflects the Legacy Dashboard.


This article does not apply to merchants who already pay their bill directly via a Bolt representative.

You will receive an email to allow you to input your payment method when it’s time to pay your first Bolt invoice.

Pay Invoices

  1. In the Merchant Dashboard, navigate to Administration > Invoices.
  2. If you have an outstanding balance, click Pay Now to pay your balance.
  3. Click Past Invoices to view previous invoices.


You will receive a pop-up notification when you login to the dashboard if you have unpaid invoices.

Invoice Statuses

Status Definition
paid Invoice is paid.
posted Payment not collected. It will remain in this state until the due date.
payment_due The payment was not collected and is being retried.
not_paid The invoice is not paid and all attempts to collect it have failed.
voided Invoice is voided.
pending The invoice has not been sent for collection.

Bolt Emails

Below is a table with each type of email notification you may receive from Bolt and the action you should take.

Event Action Needed
Payment Successful No action needed.
Invoice Generated No action needed.
Invoice Past Due Add or update payment method.
Invoice Past Due (1 Day) Add or update payment method.
Invoice Past Due (4 Days) Add or update payment method.
Invoice Past Due (8 Days) Add or update payment method.


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