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Bolt Refund Policy
Learn how to issue refunds from the Bolt Dashboard or your cart platform.

After you issue a refund, it begins processing and the shopper is notified of the refund submission via email. It can take up to 7 days for the refund to show up on the customer’s statements. The speed at which the refund appears on the statement is fully dependent on the customer’s card issuer.

If the customer does not see a refund on their statement after 7 days, they should contact their issuer to resolve the issue.

How to Issue a Refund


Note that only transactions with a status of Completed can be refunded. A refund cannot be issued if there is an active chargeback dispute, fraudulent or non-fraudulent, open on the transaction.

  1. Log into the Bolt Merchant Dashboard > Transactions.
  2. Locate the transaction you want to refund. You can search on: customer name, order number, Bolt transaction ID, or customer email.
  3. Select the transaction to open the transaction details.
  4. Select Issue Refund.
  5. Choose whether to issue a full refund or a partial refund. If you issue a partial refund, enter the amount.
  6. Select Refund.

The refund is added as a note at the bottom of the transaction details panel. This note contains a link to the refund transaction.


Refunds issued through the Bolt Merchant Dashboard are not automatically synced with your order management system.

Declined & Failed Refund Authorizations

When attempting to refund a customer’s credit card payment, merchants may receive a message that the refund payment was rejected or declined. This may be because the customer’s credit card failed refund authorization. There are a number of reasons that refund authorization may not be granted, including: fraudulent cards, closed accounts, lost cards, and stolen cards.

Many credit card networks require refund authorizations, which Bolt is unable to override. Merchants may opt to use an alternative method to provide a refund. In these instances, the merchant should contact the customer and coordinate the optimal method of refund.

Alternative Refund Suggestions

  • PayPal
  • Gift card
  • Store credit
  • Check/ACH
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