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Magento 1 Order Status Mapping
View platform operations & order statuses for Magento 1.

Order Review and Status Changes

As Bolt processes the order, it will transition through several different statuses:

Magento Status Description
Payment Review When a user places an order on your Magento store, it will first become the Payment Review status.
Processing When Bolt approves the order, the status will be updated to the Processing status. If you have Bolt enable ‘auto-capture’, the payment is captured at this point. Otherwise, the payment is captured when you issue an invoice.
Deferred When Bolt suspects the transaction is likely a fraud, Bolt rejects the transaction. In this case, the order status in Magento becomes Deferred. You may either ‘Force Approve’ transaction, ‘Request Re-review’ or ‘Confirm Rejection’ from the Bolt merchant dashboard. If you don’t take any action, the order will be automatically canceled within a few business days.
Canceled When Bolt is confident that order is a fraud, we irreversibly reject the transaction. In this case order in Magento will immediately be canceled with the order status of Canceled.
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