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Submit a Manual Dispute

Bolt has launched a new Merchant Dashboard experience. See this page for help documentation that reflects the new dashboard.

Merchants can submit disputes manually for transactions with a completed or authorized status from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

This process is only for Bolt-liable chargebacks completed through certain payment processors.

Before You Start

Check Eligibility

Some payment processors automatically send dispute information to Bolt, but for others, you’ll input each Bolt-liable dispute into the Bolt Merchant Dashboard for our chargebacks team to handle.

Use the following table to understand the set up and submission steps for your processor:

Processor How to grant account access How to submit dispute info
Adyen Automated dispute handling n/a
Authorize.net n/a Manual dispute submissions
Bolt Payments n/a n/a
Braintree Automated dispute handling n/a
CardConnect n/a Manual dispute submissions
CyberSource n/a Manual dispute submissions
NMI n/a Manual dispute submissions
PayPal PayFlow Pro n/a Manual dispute submissions
Radial n/a Manual dispute submissions
Rocketgate n/a Manual dispute submissions
Stripe n/a n/a

Set Communication Preferences

Set up your communication preferences so that you receive digital notifications for new chargebacks. This ensures that you have enough time to submit the dispute and respond with evidence.

How to Submit a Manual Dispute


Disputes must be submitted to Bolt within 7 days of the initial dispute notice from the payment processor.

  1. Log into the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Transactions.
  3. Select a transaction from the table that is either in a completed or authorized status.
  4. Select the Actions dropdown.
  5. Choose Submit Manual Dispute.
  6. Complete all of the following fields:
    • Currency: Default USD
    • Dispute Amount: The total value being disputed (e.g., 15.23)
    • Dispute Reason: The reason the shopper has initiated the dispute
    • Dispute Notice: The original document (e.g., email or phone record) of the dispute notice.
    • Proof of Delivery: The carrier’s documentation for the delivery.
    • Other: Any other relevant attachments. submitting-a-manual-dispute
  7. Select Submit.

You can submit more than one dispute per transaction. Dispute submissions are reviewed within 48 hours.

How to Check Dispute Status

You can review the status of all disputes associated with a transaction from the details view.

  1. Log into the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Transactions > Disputes.
  3. Review the Status field.
    • Pending Review: The dispute has not yet been reviewed; reviews are conducted within 48 hours after submission.
    • Approved: The dispute has been approved.
    • Denied: The dispute has been denied. submitting-a-manual-dispute

Email Notifications

You can opt-in to receive notifications on the status of your disputes by enabling the Chargeback notification for your user profile. For more details, see our Manage Users & Notifications guide.

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