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Donations in Checkout - BigCommerce

Enable shoppers to add a donation to their order during checkout. Available to merchants using Bolt's Checkout solution for BigCommerce.


These settings are only available via the Legacy Bolt Merchant Dashboard. All Bolt features and settings will be included in the new Merchant Dashboard at a later date.


At this time, this feature is available for Merchants using Bolt Checkout for BigCommerce only. Please review our guides on Bolt Checkout for BigCommerce for more information.

Static Donations at Checkout

Static Donations at Checkout is a product add-on that enables merchants to prompt shoppers for static donations, allowing shoppers to define a specific amount they’d like to add to their order as a donation.

See also: Product Add-ons & Upsells.

Pre-requisites for Installation

Static Donations require that add-ons and dynamic add-ons are enabled for your merchant account (merchant division). If these are not already enabled, contact your Bolt Integration Engineer or Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Setup: BigCommerce

Static donations work exactly like regular products, so we can think of them in this way. The first step to creating a static donation item is to first create it as a BigCommerce “product.”

  1. On your BigCommerce dashboard, navigate to “Products,” and then select “Create.” Navigate to Products, and click “Create”
  2. Set the following fields to your preference:
  • Name
  • SKU
  • Category

It is not necessary to add a description, since the description given here is not visible anyway.

  1. Set the tax class to Non-Taxable Products.
  2. Set the product type to Downloadable Product.
    1. If you are setting up a donation product for a variable (dynamic) price donation, it is best practice to set the price to a low amount, such as $0.01, however this default price will not be visible or used. Additionally, navigate to “Custom Fields” to set up a custom field called variable_price. Set this custom field to true. Set the variable_price field to true.

    2. For fixed price donations, set the default price to be the donation amount you’d like to suggest for shoppers to donate. Set donation defaults

  3. After you create the new donation product, take note of the product’s item ID listed in the URL. This is the number found immediately after /manage/products/. You will need this to set up the donation in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

Setup: Bolt Merchant Dashboard

After you create your donation product and configure it properly in BigCommerce, navigate to your Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Checkout. Scroll down to the section titled “Product Add-Ons.”


    If this section does not appear, ensure that add-ons are enabled for your Bolt merchant account (division). Contact your Bolt integration engineer or Customer Success Manager for assistance.

  2. Click the blue “New Add-On button. Click the blue New Add-On button


    You do not need to enable the Route Product Add-On in Checkout unless you are using Route. See item #3 in Product Add-Ons & Upsells for more information.

  3. From the Product Add-On page, set the fields for the donation product. You must set the Product ID field to the BigCommerce product ID noted in Step 4 of the BigCommerce setup instructions. The image given to the image URL field is shown as a thumbnail in the donation box. There are three different price types available; refer to the next steps for information on how to set the price. Product Add-on window

Price types

Static Price

With static prices, the donation will always be for a fixed amount. This must be set via the Unit Price field to the same amount as you set in the BigCommerce dashboard.

Dynamic - Set price from % of total

With dynamic, percentage-based donations, the donation amount is derived from a fixed percentage of the cart amount. You can set this fixed percentage via the Percentage field. This requires that variable_price is set to true in BigC.

Dynamic - Round up to nearest $

With dynamic, rounding-based donations, the donation amount is the amount that makes up the difference between the cart amount and the next whole dollar. For this price type, no price needs to be set beforehand. This requires that variable_price is set to true in BigC.

Completing setup

Finally, after your donation product is set up, click the Add Product Add-on button.


None of the checkboxes below the Product Page URL button should need to be adjusted.

Now, your donation should be visible within checkout on the Delivery step (for Guest checkout) or the Summary View (for shoppers logged in to their Bolt account)!

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