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See the checkout analytics the Merchant Dashboard offers.
22 articles
Overview of Chargebacks & Disputes
Learn about chargebacks and understand what to expect when representing a dispute.
11 articles
Checkout Settings
Learn about how you can manage and customize your checkout appearance, user experience, and more.
37 articles
Manage Dashboard Account
Learn how to add new users, manage their access to the dashboard account, find your API keys, and more.
14 articles
Learn about how to fund your account, export statements, and Bolt's payout schedule.
11 articles
Fraud & Risk
Learn how to protect your business from fraud and manage risk.
11 articles
Infrastructure Reliability Policy
Learn about Bolt's infrastructure, uptime track-record, and stance on disaster recovery.
Orders & Refunds
Learn about how you can capture and manage orders and refunds in Bolt's dashboard, as well as what to do when you need to manage orders and issue refunds in our supported cart platforms.
6 articles
Shopper Management
Learn how to manage shopper disputes, addresses, notifications, and subscriptions in the Merchant Dashboard.
5 articles
Get help with your Bolt Checkout, Transactions, and more.
Learn about how you can capture and manage transactions in Bolt's dashboard.
13 articles
See workflows for common tasks and issues.
15 articles
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