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Stripe Disputes Overview

Chargebacks with Stripe have some unique factors due to the requirements of our integration through Stripe connect. For details on disputes in general, Bolt’s Dispute Process.

About Merchant-Liable Stripe Chargebacks

  • These disptues will appear within the Stripe dashboard/platform.
  • Bolt is not responsible to help the merchant represent these disputes.
  • Merchants will continue to proceed through the same process of defending their case, going through Stripe, just as they have previously.

About Bolt-Liable Stripe Chargebacks

  • These disputes will appear within the Stripe dashboard/platform
  • Bolt is responsible for these transactions
  • Bolt issues a credit reimbursement for the order amount via merchant’s stripe account.
  • There is no record of the dispute in Bolt; Bolt is not part of this transaction flow.
  • Merchants can view these credit reimbursements through their Stripe account

Merchants can determine if a transaction is indemnified for fraud by viewing the transaction’s details in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.


For reconciliation purposes reimbursements, Bolt processes incoming dispute information one at a time, not in batches. Payout to each merchant will follows Stripe’s scheduling which varies by merchant, but typically occurs once per day. For each credit transaction, Bolt will attach the original transaction ID, just as it is shown in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard (the transaction that was disputed). Merchants should see that ID in the Stripe Dashboard. This will allow merchants to use that credited Bolt Transaction to find the original Bolt Transaction that was disputed.

For the reimbursement Bolt creates two payments, both will be funded based on Stripe’s payout policy:

  • The first payment will compensate the order amount.
  • The second payment will compensate for the chargeback fee with Stripe($15).

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