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Merchant-Liable Dispute Representment

By default, Bolt represents all Bolt-liable fraud disputes. We also represent merchant-liable disputes for merchants using BoltPay (Vantiv) upon request.

Why Request that Bolt Represents My Dispute?

Allowing Bolt to handle disputes can benefit merchants by:

  • Protecting or improving the merchant’s authorization rate
  • Improving payment-step conversion rates

How to Request Representment

  1. Merchants are notified of a chargeback via automated email. This email contains details about the order, the customer’s dispute, and how to dispute this chargeback with self-representment.
  2. To request Bolt’s representment for this dispute, respond to the email with the relevant documentation.
    • • Include as much documentation as you can in your initial email. We’ll let you know if we need additional materials, but this will reduce the amount of time you spend communicating back and forth with us before we can win on your behalf.
    • • To qualify for Bolt’s representment, you must send this request at least two business days prior to the dispute’s expiration date.
  3. Bolt’s risk team will work with you throughout the dispute lifecycle and advocate on your behalf.
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