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Non-Fraud Representment

Bolt represents merchants for all fraud-related disputes by default. However, eligible merchants can upgrade their dispute coverage by joining Bolt’s dispute consultancy program, which includes non-fraud chargeback representation.

Allowing Bolt to handle disputes can benefit merchants by:

  • Protecting or improving the merchant’s authorization rate
  • Improving payment-step conversion rates

Chargeback Handling Process

1. Fraudulent Chargebacks

Bolt handles fraudulent chargebacks by default. See disputes overview.

2. Non-Fraudulent Chargebacks

Merchants enrolled in Bolt’s chargeback consultancy program can submit a request form to Bolt Support for chargeback representation. Merchants should include all relevant documentation outlined in Bolt’s merchant dispute guide. This enables Bolt to win more disputes on your behalf.


  • Merchant must have <20 merchant-liable disputes per month to qualify

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