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Refer to this article when reviewing your exported Bank Transfer statements or Funding Detail statements.

Statements are available for merchants who use Bolt Payments (non-gateway relationships). Gateway merchants do not have statements available in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard, and should rely on their platform or ERP as a record of truth.

How to Read Daily & Monthly Statements

Funding Detail Formulas

Use the following formulas to calculate your totals. 

  • Total Transaction Amount: Add all of the capture events to get the total transaction amount. 
  • Total Settled Net Amount: Add all of the settled_net events to get the total settled amount (minus fees).
  • Total Fee Amount: Add all of the settled_processing_fee and settled_risk_fee events to get your total fees.

Statements for a given transaction are only available once that transaction has been completed.

Payout Schedule & Report Generation

See the Bolt’s Payout Schedule for more information on settlement batching. Statements that are generated on non-payout days do not include capture and fee data. This information becomes available on the next business day’s statement.

CSV Details

The downloaded CSV file has been simplified as of June, 2020. It now contains the following columns:

Column Description Daily & Monthly Statements Bank Transfer Statements
Transaction Reference Bolt’s 12-digit unique identifier for a transaction. Yes No
Order ID The unique identifier for a transaction provided by your e-commerce platform. Yes No
Activity Date The date-time of order event creation Yes No
Time Zone The time zone for the activity date. Yes Yes
Event Type The type of event. Yes No
Amount The total amount involved in the event. Yes No
Currency A three-letter ISO code for the currency associated to the amount. Yes Yes
Exchange Rate This is the exchange used to convert the amount in original purchase currency to a corresponding amount in settlement currency (USD). Yes Yes
Payment Method The payment method used for the transaction (types listed below). This will be empty for funding or adjustment events. Yes Yes

PDF Details

PDFs group items by currency; each currency has its own page with all fields in that currency.

PDFs include the following breakdowns:

  • Monthly Summary
  • Processing Summary
  • Fee Summary

Event Types

The following event types populate in the Event Type column of your Daily & Monthly statements.

Event type Description
authorize The auth event for a payment transaction.
capture The capture event for a payment transaction
refund The refund transaction.
settled_net The net amount at settlement for either a capture or refund event.
settled_processing_fee The processing fee at settlement for a capture event.
settled_risk_fee The Bolt fee at settlement for a capture event.
funding_transfer The credit of funds to a merchant.
funding_withdrawal The debit of funds from a merchant.
funding_transfer_reversal The reversal of funding_transfer due to rejection or failure.
funding_withdrawal_reversal The reversal of funding_withdrawal due to rejection or failure.
merchant_credit The adjustment to credit funds to merchant.
merchant_debit The adjustment to debit funds from merchant.

Payment Methods

Payment Method Description
payment_card A card payment method, eg: credit_card, debit_card etc.
paypal PayPal as a form of payment
afterpay Afterpay as a form of payment

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