Shopper Assistant - Beta

Add the Bolt Shopper Assistant to your storefront to offer shoppers a personalized experience and turn guest shoppers into logged-in shoppers.

The Shopper Assistant is currently available to participating Beta merchants.

Merchant Benefits

  • Increase conversion with sign-up discounts
  • Increase retention with the incentive of a personalized experience
  • Capture intent earlier in the shopper’s journey

How it Works

The Shopper Assistant is a floating module that appears on every page of the merchant storefront.

The widget prompts shoppers to take the following actions:

  • Sign up or log in
  • View product recommendations

Bolt’s product team is developing even more prompts and shortcuts to display to shoppersโ€”stay tuned!

Shopper Experience

The shopper flow varies depending on several factors:

  • Shopper has a Bolt account
  • Shopper has an existing Bolt login session
  • Merchant offers a sign-up discount
  • Merchant has SSO enabled
  • Shopper has a storefront account

Logging In

If you offer a sign-up discount, shoppers are prompted log in, activate a merchant account, and receive the discount. If they don’t have a Bolt account yet, we’ll create one during this process.

If you don’t offer a discount, shoppers learn about the Shopper Assistant and are prompted to log in or sign up.


The Shopper Assistant displays a welcome view that varies depending on the following:

  • Shopper has a welcome discount applied:
  • Shopper is a returning user:


  • Availability: Currently, Shopper Assistant is only available to BigCommerce merchants.
  • Sign-up incentive program: Merchants fund their own incentive discounts.

Set Up

Refer to Set Up Shopper Assistant.

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