Risk Assessment Scoring

Bolt’s Fraud Protection and Chargeback Guarantee products work together to assess transactions for fraud and protect the merchant.

Risk Assessment Scoring decouples risk scoring from indemnification.

Without Fraud Protection

With Fraud Protection

Bolt only provides risk scoring for card transactions. Alternative payment method transactions are not assessed for risk.

Merchant Benefits

  • Access risk scoring insights all in one place on the Bolt Merchant Dashboard
  • Use this data for more accurate and efficient manual reviews
  • Retain full ownership of customer relationships

How it Works

Each merchant-liable card transaction includes a risk assessment score and a breakdown of the influencing factors. These scores and factors come from the same models that power Bolt’s Fraud Protection product.

Our models use hundreds of indicators about each transaction and data across our network to assess risk. To indicate why a transaction received a certain score, we identify the factors with the highest impact on the score.


The Risk Assessment Score is a number between 0 and 1000.

Scores between 900-1000 are the riskiest, with an average of >90% of these transactions resulting in fraud.

Score Category Description
0-500 Normal No significant risk factors detected.
500-750 Medium Some possible risk factors detected.
750-1000 High Multiple or significant risk factors detected.

Risk Factors

Weighted risk factors influence the risk score.

The multiplier by the factor name tells you how much this factor impacted the overall risk score.

Score Category Explanation
<1x Positive Less risky
1x Neutral Neutral risk
>1x Negative More risky

The following factors can impact risk score:

Factor Description
Address verification Does the entered credit card address match the stored address?
Card verification Does the entered CVV match the stored CVV?
Transaction amount How much money is involved in the transaction?
Number of items How many items were purchased?
Credit card tenure since first transaction How long has it been since the first transaction on this credit card?
Email tenure since first transaction How long has it been since this email account was created?
IP tenure since first transaction How long has it been since the first transaction associated with this IP address?
Credit card last used (successful) How long has it been since the last successful card transaction?
Credit card last used (declined) How long has it been since the last declined card transaction?
Email last used (declined) How long has it been since this email address was used for a declined transaction?
Credit card authorization attempts How many card authorization attempts were involved in this transaction?
Email fraudulent disputes Has this email address been associated with fraudulent disputes?
Cardholder’s name in email Does the email address contain the cardholder’s name?
Postal codes associated with email How many postal codes are associated with this email?
Known fraudulent orders Does Bolt have record of any past fraudulent orders?
Deletion behavior Did the user display suspicious deletion behavior during checkout?
Input behavior Did the user display suspicious input behavior during checkout?
Mouse movement Did the user move the mouse offscreen while entering the credit card number?

View Risk Scores

Risk Scores are available in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

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