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Overview Tab

The Overview page provides merchants with a view summarizing their business and Return on Investment(ROI). This includes settlement amounts, recent order activity, and basic ROI analytics.

Overview Tab

Overview Sections

Settlement Balances

Merchants can view settlement amounts at the top of the Overview page.

  • Unsettled balance: The amount pending settlement by the card networks
  • Settled balance: The amount settled and about to be transferred to the merchant’s bank. This amount will be transferred in the next funding day. At this stage, the payment brand has credited Bolt and debited the issuer.
  • In progress transfer: The amount that has been initiated in an ACH transfer and will appear in the merchant’s bank account in 1-2 business days.

Transaction Overview

Merchants can view total daily volume, average order value, and total order count over a custom range of dates. These metrics include all transactions through Bolt (including checkout, virtual terminal, force-approved, etc).

The Time Range dropdown allows a merchant to select the time period covered in the charts.

Time Frames

  • Past Week: the last seven consecutive days.
  • Past 30 Days: the last 30 consecutive days.
  • Custom Date: Any range between a Start Date (Month, Day) and an End Date (Month, Day).

Checkout Funnel

Merchants can view a breakdown of their checkout funnel with counts and conversion rates over a selected period of time. This data is pulled from MixPanel.

Checkout Funnel Visualization