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SSO Commerce Migration Process

Bolt understands the importance of protecting your shopper’s information while providing a smooth onboarding experience. Because of this, all account upgrades are handled directly by our expert internal team to ensure:

  • Account information is exported and migrated securely
  • All login workflows are properly accounted for, upgraded, and tested
  • The brand experience of SSO accounts aligns with your store

SSO Commerce Onboarding Steps

Onboarding your store and shoppers is easy.

1. Contact Bolt

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager and let them know that you are interested in enabling Bolt SSO and kicking off account migrations.

2. Prepare Your Environment

The Bolt team is here to do all the heavy lifting, all you need to do is:

  • Grant our developers access your platform console
  • Send us a list of your active login and registration buttons
  • Upgrade to the latest Bolt plugin version

Ready to jump right in? Read the setup guide for a full walkthrough.

3. Enjoy the Bolt Network

Congratulations, you and your shoppers are now part of Bolt’s growing network of seamless shopping experiences! Shoppers that are new to your store but already part of the Bolt Network are automatically recognized, making their checkout experiences familiar, faster, trusted, and delightful.


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