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Single Sign-on (SSO)


Deliver a secure, logged-in user experience to your shoppers across retailers within Bolt’s network. Bolt SSO upgrades your existing shopper accounts to Bolt Accounts, giving your customers a fast, passwordless login and one click checkout anywhere in the Bolt Network. It’s still your brand, just powered by the Bolt Network.

What can you give shoppers with SSO?

1. Saved Address & Payment Information

Offer customers a way to save payment information and complete purchases with a one click checkout.

2. Passwordless Login

Let shoppers use secure, one-time passwords (OTP) without needing to remember passwords or usernames.

3. Frictionless Account Creation

Enable shoppers to sign up for accounts during and after checkout (i.e., order tracking) to avoid unnecessary friction.

4. Faster Checkout Across Retailers

Give shoppers the ability to complete a one click, logged-in checkout experience across all retailers in the Bolt Network.

5. Centralized Security & Account Protection

Store payment and personal information in a single location as opposed to over multiple store accounts across the internet.

6. Order Tracking

Allow shoppers to reorder or buy new products throughout Bolt’s Order Tracking using saved Bolt Account information.

Why power your store accounts with Bolt SSO login?

Increase Registration Rates

Benefit from Bolt Accounts’ 60% post-adoption registration rate compared to the industry average of only 10%.

Increase Account Protection

Provide customers more secure logins using passwordless OTP and account takeover (ATO) protection.

Increase Conversion Rates

Uplevel conversion rates. Shoppers with Bolt Accounts have a 64% higher conversion rate than guest checkout shoppers.

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