Offer Subscriptions

Bolt subscriptions let you move away from the one-and-done transaction model to invite ongoing, frictionless purchasing relationships with shoppers.

What is a Subscription?

In a subscription model, shoppers agree to be charged on a recurring basis for a product, digital good, or service. The subscription determines the frequency, duration, and amount to bill.

Digital Subscriptions

Description Use Case Supported?
Any assets or content that are sold, delivered, and transferred in digital form, meaning that they don’t actually get shipped to customers and instead are downloaded, streamed or accessed immediately by the purchaser on their computer, smartphone, or tablet. Use cases include content access, membership, discounts, perks, or personalization. Yes

Physical Subscriptions

An object that can be physically touched. Use cases include replenishment, convenience, curation, and personalization.

Description Use Case Supported?
A tangible object. Use cases include replenishment, convenience, curation, and personalization. Not yet


  • Subscription offer: A cart that has subscription-specific information attached to it, such as frequency and price. The merchant configures a subscription offering, which enables shoppers add a subscription to their cart and purchase it.
  • Subscription: An instance of a subscription offer tied to a specific shopper. The subscription includes information about the start date, billing period, and discount. A shopper may choose to subscribe to multiple offerings.
  • Subscription order: One occurrence of a subscription; i.e., one transaction in which the shopper is billed for receiving goods at a regular interval. The subscription order includes data about the payment method, billing date, and shipping address (if applicable).
  • Initial period: The first period (e.g., first month) of a subscription, which often begins immediately after the purchase. Typically used to support discounts and promotions to incentivize shoppers to subscribe.
  • Initial price: A discounted or promotional price associated with the initial period.
  • Rebill period: All subsequent periods after the initial subscription period. The rebill period defines the standard cadence and price of a subscription.
  • Rebill price: The price associated with the rebill periods.

βœ“ Bolt Subscriptions Deliver

For Merchants

  • Predictable, recurring revenue
  • Increased average order value (AOV)
  • Increased customer lifetime value (CLV)

For Shoppers

  • Personalized shopping experience
  • More convenient method of paying for regularly used products, services, or content
  • Savings through promotions or discounts at enrollment

Available Implementations

Bolt offers the following models to power your subscriptions experience:

  • Bolt Subscriptions: Deepen customer relationships, centralize your one-time and recurring transactions in the Merchant Dashboard, and access Bolt’s Network of tens of millions of shoppers.
  • 3rd Party Integration: Recurring orders in our one-click checkout with shopping experiences, checkout details, and subscription management powered by a 3rd party partner.
  • Support for Custom Subscription Solutions: Integrate a custom or bespoke subscription solution via our robust APIs and reusable components.


Model Implementation Recommended for
Bolt Subscriptions Direct API integration with Merchant Subscriptions API Merchants without an existing subscription program who have a simple use case and want to offer digital goods
3rd Party Integration Integrate with Ordergroove Merchants who have a complex or enterprise-scale use case and want to offer replenishment of physical goods
Support for Custom Subscription Solutions Direct API integration Merchants who want to use an in-house storefront UI and subscription solution to offer digital or physical goods

Next Steps

To get started, refer to the set up guide for the subscriptions model that best fits your business needs:

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