Checkout via Link

When shoppers reach out for help creating an order—whether by phone, email, or other support channels—you can now make that process more safe, secure and streamlined with Bolt’s Checkout via Link. You build the order, then send a simple link to your shopper. Shoppers are directed to the Bolt checkout and prompted to enter their payment information and complete the order. Read how to enable Checkout via Link.


  • Keep your team out of PCI scope: When shoppers enter their own payment data securely into the checkout, your team doesn’t have to deal with PCI regulations.
  • Get back office indemnification protection: Bolt indemnifies all checkout link orders.
  • Offer product upsells: Easily create custom-cart links for your shoppers that can be shared across your channels, like order confirmation emails.


Big Commerce
Custom (API)
Magento 1
Magento Commerce

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