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Magento Commerce

Order Review and Status Changes

As Bolt processes the order, it will transition through several different statuses:

Magento Status Description
Payment Review Orders are set to a status of payment review when a shopper places an order on your Magento store.
Processing Orders are set to a status of processing when Bolt approves the order. If you have Bolt enable ‘auto-capture’, the payment is captured at this point. Otherwise, the payment is captured when you issue an invoice.
Deferred Orders are set to a deferred status when Bolt suspects the transaction is at high risk of being fraudulent and reversibly rejects the order. You may either force-approve or confirm the rejection from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard. Deferred orders are canceled if no action is taken within a few business days.
Canceled Orders are set to a status of canceled when: an order is identified as fraudulent (irreversibly rejected) or an authorization has expired after 7 days.

Transaction Void and Payment Refund

When an authorized transaction is canceled (voided) from the store admin the order is put in Canceled state.

After a refund (Credit Memo) is issued the order status gets set to one of the following:

  • Complete: if the payment was partially refunded
  • Closed: for completely refunded order payments

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