The FAQs below will give you more information on using Bolt One-Click Checkout with BigCommerce.

If you have additional questions you’d like to see on this list, leave feedback in the feedback area at the bottom of the page. If you have question but want a response, please reach out to your Bolt representative or Bolt’s Support Team. You can also find more FAQs on our Bolt One-Click for BigCommerce Information Page.


What is Bolt One-Click Checkout?

How does One-Click Checkout differ from the standard BigCommerce checkout process?

What value does One-Click Checkout provide?

How long is the free trial?

Onboarding & Access

How do I sign up for Bolt One-Click Checkout?

How long does the integration take to implement?

How do I access my Bolt Account?

Shopper Experience

What happens if a shopper has a Bolt Account and a BigCommerce Account?


How to I make Back Office Orders?

What analytics and metrics do you offer?

How do I change my capture settings?

Checkout Customization

Can I add my merchant logo to the checkout modal?

Can I change the text that says 'Credit/Debit Card'?

Can I change the Bolt Shopper Account Creation opt-out to opt-in?

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