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Set Up Bolt for BigCommerce

You must have an approved Bolt account before installing Bolt Checkout to your store. Sign up for a free account.

1. Add a Bolt User to BigCommerce

  1. Log in to BigCommerce.
  2. Navigate to Settings or Account Settings > Users.
  3. Select Create a User Account.
  4. Add as a user by completing the following fields:
    • Email:
    • Status: Active
    • User Role: Sales Manager
    • System Admin Permissions: (enable the following)
      • Manage Settings
      • Manage Payments
      • Store Design
      • Design Mode
      • Store Logs
    • Enable WebDav: Yes
  5. Save.

BigCommerce automatically sends an email to activate the login.

2. Install Plugin

  1. Navigate to Bolt’s page in the BigCommerce eCommerce Apps Marketplace.
  2. Select Get This App.
  3. Select Install > Confirm.

If the installation fails, please let Bolt know immediately. It’s usually a configuration tweak on Bolt’s end. Bolt will make sure your store profile is set up properly.

3. Add Webhook Endpoints in Merchant Dashboard

  1. Login to the Bolt Production Merchant Dashboard and Sandbox Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Developer > Webhooks.
  3. Scroll to Webhook Endpoints.
    • Verify the Webhook URL has populated automatically.
    • Set the Shipping and Tax URL to: insert url here

Leave this tab open to refer back to in part 4.

4. Add Bolt as Payment Method in BigCommerce

  1. In your browser tab from part 3, navigate to Developer > API > Keys in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Copy the following keys:
    • API Key
    • Signing Secret
    • Publishable Key
  3. In a new tab, Log in to BigCommerce.
  4. Navigate to Store Setup > Payments.
  5. Scroll to Online Payment Methods > Bolt.
  6. Select Setup.
  7. Paste your keys into the required fields.
  8. Save.

For Legacy Migrations: Remember to check your theme files and remove/update any references to your previous API keys. For assitance with this step, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

5. Choose a Bolt Product

There are two main product options available for merchant using Bolt’s BigCommerce plugin: Bolt Checkout + Fraud Protection and Bolt Fraud Protection.

Bolt Fraud Protection Only

  1. Log in to BigCommerce.
  2. Navigate to Store Setup > Payments.
  3. Scroll to Online Payment Methods > Bolt.
  4. Select Bolt Settings.
  5. Update Configuration Mode to Bolt Fraud Protection.
  6. Save.

Bolt Checkout + Fraud Protection

  1. Log in to BigCommerce.
  2. Navigate to Store Setup > Payments.
  3. Scroll to Online Payment Methods > Bolt.
  4. Select Bolt Settings.
  5. Update Configuration Mode to Bolt Checkout.
  6. Save.

Install the Bolt Sandbox App

The Bolt sandbox app is different than Bolt production app. It is not displayed in BigCommerce’s eCommerce App Marketplace and requires a direct link.

  1. Log in to your BigCommerce Admin Console.
  2. Copy and Edit the following URL: https://{your_store_url}/manage/marketplace/apps/22164
  3. Paste the URL in your browser to navigate to the Bolt Sandbox App.
  4. Select Get This App.
  5. Select Install > Confirm.

Production vs Sandbox Scripts

The only differences are to use the sandbox URL for Bolt’s connect script embedded on the site and the sandbox publishable key.

Production Script

<script id="bolt-connect" type="text/javascript" src=""< data-publishable-key="{PUBLISHABLE_KEY}" data-shopping-cart-id="BigCommerce">

Sandbox Script

<script id="bolt-connect" type="text/javascript" src="" data-publishable-key="{SANDBOX_PUBLISHABLE_KEY}" data-shopping-cart-id="BigCommerce"> </script>

Disable Bolt Plugin

For Native Bolt Payments

The following steps are for merchants using the latest Bolt plugin implementation for BigCommerce.

  1. Log in to Bigcommerce. 
  2. Navigate to Store Front > Payments > Online Payment Methods.
  3. Toggle off the Bolt radio button.

For Legacy Check Payments

  1. Log in to the BigCommerce dashboard
  2. Go to Store Front > My Themes > Advanced > Edit Theme Files
  3. Comment out the following script for each page.html:
    • templates > components > cart > preview.html
    • templates > components > common > cart-preview.html
    • templates > components > products > add-to-cart.html
    • templates > pages > cart.html
    var originalCheckoutButton = document.querySelector(".previewCartCheckout .button.button--primary");
    var boltButtons = document.getElementsByClassName("bolt-button-wrapper");
        for (var i = 0; i < boltButtons.length; i++) {
            boltButtons[i].style.display = 'block';
        } = 'none';
    var config = { childList: true, subtree: true };
    var totalClassName = "previewCartCheckout-price";
    var totalPrice = "";
    var callback = function(mutationsList) {
        var elms = document.getElementsByClassName(totalClassName);
        if (elms.length == 0) {
        var newPrice = elms[0].innerHTML;
        if (newPrice !== totalPrice && window.BoltCheckout) {
        totalPrice = newPrice;
    new MutationObserver(callback).observe(document.body, config);

Finally, save and apply all files and Bolt is temporarily disabled. To reenable Bolt, simply uncomment everything.