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Connect Route with Bolt

The Route integration enables shoppers to purchase shipping insurance for their orders. Merchants can add Route as a product add-on after this integration is installed.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager before beginning these setup steps.


  1. Submit your Route Public Token to Bolt, found in the Route console (Admin > Settings > Store Details)
  2. Grant Bolt’s team access to your BigCommerce store via dev@bolt.com to complete setup

1. Install Route

  1. Install the Route App to your BigCommerce storefront.

  2. Add the following to all connect.js scripts across your pages:

    route-public-token="PUT ROUTE PUBLIC TOKEN HERE"
  3. Review the script. It should look like this:

    data-publishable-key="PUBLISHABLE KEY"
    route-public-token="PUT ROUTE PUBLIC TOKEN HERE"
  4. Make sure that the script for automatically reloading the Bolt cart is correct. The correct script should include the following code snippet:

    if (bigCommerceTotalPrice == "") {
        bigCommerceTotalPrice = newPrice;
  5. Publish the theme.

2. Add Route Offering as Product Add-on

  1. Log in to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Checkout.
  3. Scroll to Product Add-Ons in Checkout.
  4. Click the + CREATE ROUTE ADD-ON button.
  5. A module should appear in the add-ons section with Route configurations pre-filled.

Shoppers should now be able to see dynamically priced Route shipping insurance as an add-on during checkout.