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Connect Ordergroove with Bolt

The Ordergroove integration enables merchants to offer subscriptions to their customers. It is currently compatible with the SFCC platform.

Before You Start

Merchants must have implemented the following Bolt settings:

  • Bolt Managed Checkout
  • Cart that supports the Ordergroove integration (SFCC)

Merchants must have completed the following Ordergroove setup steps:

  • Contact Ordergroove and request enablement of the feature Batch order placement.
  • Download the Ordergroove integration into your workspace.
  • Use the Ordergroove SFCC Installation Guide (included in the downloaded cartridge files) to set up the cartridge.
    • Go to Setup > Configuration and use steps 1 through 7 to complete the required configuration.


Enable Ordergroove Webhook

  1. Log into the RC3 dashboard and navigate to Account > Developers > Webhooks.
  2. Select Enabled.
  3. Add the URL for your environment type:
    • Prod: https://api.bolt.com/v1/webhooks/ordergroove
    • Sandbox: https://api-sandbox.bolt.com/v1/webhooks/ordergroove

Connect Bolt and Ordergroove

  1. Log into the RC3 dashboard and navigate to Account > Developers > Webhooks.
  2. Locate Verification Key and select Show.
  3. Copy this key for use in a later step. This is the webhook private key.
  4. Contact your Ordergroove customer success manager to obtain the following keys:
    • • API private key
    • • API username
    • • Customer private key
    • • Public ID
    • • SFTP username
    • • SFTP password
  5. Contact your Bolt customer success manager and send the keys from Ordergroove and the webhook private key. The CSM will work with the technical team to connect your Bolt and Ordergroove accounts.

Configure Payment Method Updater

This configuration enables shoppers to modify their payment method.

  1. Log into the Bolt Merchant Dashboard and navigate to Developers.
  2. Copy the Publishable Key for use in a later step.
  3. Log into the RC3 dashboard and navigate to Subscriptions > Subscription Settings > Vault Customer Payment.
  4. Enable Display Edit Link for Payment.
  5. Enable Link Externally.
  6. Add the URL for your environment type, and replace all the characters after = with your publishable key:
    • Prod: account.bolt.com/ordergroove?publishableKey=<abc123>
    • Sandbox: account-sandbox.bolt.com/ordergroove?publishableKey=<abc123>

Enable Ordergroove in SFCC

  1. Log into SFCC and navigate to Merchant Tools > RefArch > Site Preferences > Custom Preferences > Ordergroove.
  2. Locate the OrderGrooveEnable setting and set it to yes.

Optional: Embed Payment Method Selector

To enable shoppers to update their payment method from their merchant storefront account, refer to Select a New Payment Method for a Shopper’s Account and add this component to the page where a shopper can manage their subscriptions.

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