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Learn about how to pay with Google Pay on Checkout Everywhere.

Do I need a balance in my Google Pay account to use it?

Google Pay balance can only be used to make purchases on Play Movies & TV; therefore, you will need to add your credit/debit card or bank account (US only) if you would like to make other online purchases.

My card is added but my transaction is declining.

The possible reasons could be:
1. The card is not active or has been blocked - you may need to contact your bank to check on this.
2. There are insufficient funds in the account - you could check the balance in your mobile app or via internet banking.

I want to change the billing address

If you would like to change the billing address, please contact Google Pay, or follow these instructions.

How can I contact Google Pay ?

You can chat, email or request a call with Google Pay. The contact options are available on Google Pay Help website.

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