Sales Dashboard

Learn how to use the Checkout Everywhere Sales Dashboard.

The sales dashboard gives you a real-time overview of all transactional data. Whenever an order was placed, it will be immediately shown in this dashboard. With the date picker on the top, you can choose which sales period you want to visualise.

The boxes on the top will give you an indication of your performance. They list the number of orders, the sales volume as well as the commission volume. By clicking on the “Inc Vat” checkbox, you can switch between showing the sales and commission either with or without VAT. 

If you want to learn more about your orders in detail, you get access to more order information in the table below. Each order information consists of:

  • status: current state of commission processing
  • order date: the precise date and time when the order was placed
  • merchant name: name of the merchant that the product was ordered from
  • quantity: number of products purchased
  • product name: clickable name of the product that leads to inventory tab
  • consumer price: the price that the consumer has been paying for the product
  • commission in percentage: how much commission in percentage was paid
  • calculated commission: how much commission in currency was paid
  • campaign: information if the product was part of a campaign or not. If the box is checked, you can hover over the check to see the name of the campaign

With the filter on top, you can also decide what orders you want to see. You can either show all orders or only show:

  • pending orders - orders not yet being ready for commission payout 
  • available orders - fully processed orders available for commission payout
  • returned/cancelled orders - orders that were either returned or cancelled 
  • paid orders - fully processed orders with commission already paid out

If you are searching for a specific product in the sales dashboard, you can use the search bar on the top right. It is also possible to download all the dashboard data in a handy .xlsx or .csv format for further processing.

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