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Manage Collections
Learn about collections and how to manage them.

Collections are defined as a group of products. Collections enable you to easily insert more than one product at the same time.

Types of collections

There are three different types of collections:

  • Regular Collections are collections that are shared between you and your colleagues.
  • Store Collections are collections that are visible in your store.
  • Private Collections are collections connected to your personal user account and are only visible to you.

Collection overview

The collection overview gives you an outline of all your existing collections and lets you manage them easily in one place. You can also create new collections in this overview.

Create a new Collection

Whenever you find a product that you want to feature in a collection, you can click on the plus symbol on the product tile in the search overview. You can then decide whether you want to add the product to an existing collection or create a new collection. To add the product to an existing collection, choose a collection from the drop-down list and click on “Add”. If you want to create a new collection, click on “Create new collection”, decide whether you want it to be private or not, and click on “Create”. The collection is now created and can be found in the collection overview. You can also create a new collection directly from the navigation bar in the collection overview.

Manage Collections

Once you have created a collection, there are many ways of working with it. Let us introduce you to all the possibilities.

Rename a Collection

If you want to change the name of a collection, please click on the edit symbol next to the current collection name and type the name you want to use.

Add Collection to the Store

To add a collection to the store, select the collection you want to make visible in the store by using the toggle switch button in the menu saying “Add to my Store”. Switch it on to make the collection visible in your store. If you switch it off again, the collection becomes a regular collection that is not visible in your store.

Tip: Please note that the store collections are automatically mirrored in the store on your site as long as you have the Checkout Everywhere store component embedded. You don’t have to create snippets to make them visible.

Arrange Collection

You can easily adjust the order of products in a collection. Just drag and drop the product of choice wherever you want to place it. The order shown here is the same as how the products will be visible in your collection.

Delete Collection

You can delete a collection by clicking on the small trash bin in the collection you are editing.

Delete a colletion

Remove Product in Collection

You can remove a product from a collection by clicking on the trash bin symbol on the product tile.

Remove a product from a collection

Create Collection Snippet

Creating collection snippets helps you embed collections into your content. 

… from a collection: In every collection, you can see a “<> Create snippet” button on the left side. Click on “<> Create snippet” to open the create snippet dialogue.

Create collection snippet

… from the collection overview: There is a little shortcut in the collection overview that lets you create a snippet. Click on “<>” to open the create snippet dialogue.

Create collection snippet from collection overview

Create Collection Snippet Settings

The create snippet dialogue offers you several options to customize the collection you are about to insert into your content. You can choose the size of the visible product tiles and decide whether you want to show the collection in a list or as a carousel. To copy the code for your CMS, click on “Copy” and continue pasting it into your CMS.


Which code you need to copy depends on your technical set-up. Still don’t know which of the code snippets to copy for your CMS? Please ask your team lead for advice.

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