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Learn about how to find products on Checkout Everywhere.

The search function in the inventory tab is the best and easiest way to find products and insert them directly into your content.


Within the inventory tab you can browse through all the products available in the portal. You can either use the filters in the navigation bar on the left or the free text search bar in the top right corner. You can filter by:

  • Departments: select departments, categories, or subcategories
  • Genders: choose between male, female, kids, and unisex
  • Colors: select the color of the product you are searching for
  • Price: select the price range or show products that are reduced
  • Brands: find products based on the brand name
  • Merchants: find products based on the company offering them

You can combine all filters to help you narrow down your search further. Even if you type in your search request in the free text search bar, you can also combine this with the filter search. To unselect all the filters, click on “Clear” on top of the navigation bar on the left, or click on “Remove” if you have used the free text search.

Tip: When using the free text search, you will see helpful filter suggestions below the search bar. Click on them if you want to apply the search filter. If you don’t select one of them, the search results will be based on the product name, brand name, and product description.

Sorting search results

Sorting your search results is another way of finding products. The portal allows you to sort by

  • Name A-Z
  • Name Z-A
  • Highest Price
  • Lowest Price
  • Relevance
  • Latest Arrival

You can access the functionality with a click on the top of the search window. You can always use the sorting function together with other search filters to narrow down your search.

Sort search results

Save and share search results

The most convenient way to save your search results is by saving them as a bookmark. Just choose all your favourite filters, apply all the sorting options you want to use, and bookmark the link.

If you want to share your search results with your colleagues, you can copy the link of your search with all filters and sorting applied and they will be able to see the same results you do.

Save result URL

Product list view

The product list view is the window space where all search results are displayed. You will see all the products that match your filters or free text search. All products are shown as a preview and give you an overview of:

  • main product tile picture
  • commission in percentage
  • brand name
  • product name
  • product price or reduced price
  • basic stock information

By clicking on the product picture, you get to the product detail view where you find more information on the specific product.

Tip: There are some shortcuts that make your work easier when working directly in the product list view. The little plus sign on the product picture lets you add the product to a new or existing collection. If you click on the “<>” button on the product picture, you can create a snippet to insert the product directly into your content.

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