Learn how to use the Checkout Everywhere Analytics Dashboard.

The analytics dashboard provides you with an overview of your sales volume, the number of orders, and the average order value. The sales volume shows the earned revenue, excluding VAT. The percentage below the numbers is always related to the time period you have chosen. Example: If you are viewing the numbers from “Last week”, it will compare the results to the week before. The default time period is set to “Last Month” but can be easily adjusted with the date picker in the top right corner. The graph also displays the cumulative sales volume over the chosen time period. You can hide and unhide the parameters by clicking on the captions.

Some other very helpful visualisations in the analytics dashboard are the campaign performance, the product performance, and the URL performance. These numbers will help you understand your performance in detail and make it easier for you to follow up on successful content or revise the content that is underperforming. In each segment, you can choose if you want to show the sales volume, the quantity of sold products, or the earned commission. Depending on your focus, you can also sort the results in descending order to see the most successful content on the top, or in ascending order to see the lowest-performing content.

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