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Why Bolt Checkout Everywhere?
Learn about the benefits of Bolt Checkout Everywhere.

Before diving into the details, let’s quickly summarize what you can get out of working with Bolt Checkout Everywhere:

Full control over your e-commerce project

Checkout Everywhere is a fully customisable solution. From merchants and brands, product selection and store design to branding, shoppable content placement and campaign management - you are always in full control of which products are exposed to your audience in what way.

New revenue stream

Checkout Everywhere gives you access to an additional and sustainable revenue stream by selling products directly within your platform. Diversify your earnings and maximize your commission by either using our preconfigured set-up or engaging actively with merchants to maximize your commissions.

Optimized conversion & better user retention

By providing a 100 percent native shopping shopping experience with on-site transactions - from embedding matching shoppable elements in high-quality editorial content to providing a seamless integration with your own customized store - you increase audience engagement, trust, and ultimately purchase commitment. You keep your hard-earned traffic on site and convert within your own ecosystem.

Optimized merchant relations

Unlike traditional ad tech solutions, Checkout Everywhere’s embedded e-commerce offering facilitates direct relations with the merchants of your choice. From negotiating commissions to co-creating campaigns or branded products, there are unlimited opportunities to tailor the default setup to your specific needs - at no risk.

Quick implementation

Depending on your technical abilities and resources, you will be able to roll out your project very quickly. You decide how much time you want to invest to create a native shopping experience for your audience.

Access to data

Our Publisher Portal gives you access to a wealth of real-time user and consumer data, structured and preconfigured for profiling, retention, retargeting, and post sales campaigns - fully GDPR compliant.

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