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Customer Support FAQ
Frequently asked questions regarding customer support

Who provides customer service?

Customer Service is provided directly by the merchant.

How should the customer reach out to Bolt’s customer support?

The merchant will handle customer support for orders. Customers may still reach out to Bolt if they have questions about their payment or account. Our customer support is reachable at support@bolt.com.

What information about customer support should I include on my platform?

We recommend implementing language that clearly states that the merchants handle all customer service and that they will receive an order confirmation from the merchant.

What is the ordering and shipping process?

Shipping works as follows:

  1. The customer buys something on your platform.
  2. The customer receives a payment confirmation from Bolt.
  3. The customer receives an order confirmation from the merchant
  4. The merchant ships the order.
  5. The customer gets charged according to the chosen payment method.
  6. The order gets delivered to the customer.
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