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Commissions FAQ
Frequently asked questions regarding commissions

Where can I see how much commission I have been earning?

The commission you have been earning can be found in the sales tab of the publisher portal. With the date picker, you can easily choose the exact time frame you want to visualise.

How do I negotiate commissions?

Commissions are listed in the Bolt Checkout Everywhere publisher portal. Commissions are usually negotiated when a merchant is onboarded.

You can negotiate increased commissions with merchants directly and work with Bolt to implement commission rates. Reach out to your Bolt partner manager or bce-publishers@bolt.com for help.

Where can I see what commission a product has?

Whenever you insert products to your content, you can see the commission of each product right below the product picture in the inventory tab.


If you not only want to see the percentage of commission, but also the exact revenue per sold product, click on the product detail view in the inventory tab. There you can find the calculated amount.

Do all products of a merchant have the same commission?

Not always. Make sure to check the inventory tab to see the exact commission of each product to be on the safe side.

Is the commission the same for everyone?

When merchants get onboarded to Checkout Everywhere, they usually have the same standard commission for every publisher. You are, of course, always free to negotiate a better standard commission for your publication. Campaign commissions that you negotiate are always publisher-specific.

When will the earned commission be paid out to me?

The self-billed invoice or invoice data with sales specification containing information on earned commission for all available orders will be sent out by e-mail on the 1st day of each month and paid out either before the 10th or once we have received your invoice.

When will the earned commission be paid out to my merchant partner?

Merchants can find all information about the payments in the merchant portal.

What is the difference between the different invoice options?

Bolt offers two ways of invoicing: data or self-billing.

If you choose data, we will send you invoice data once a month which includes all available orders. After you have reviewed the invoice data, you need to send an invoice to invoice@tipser.com to receive your payment.

If you choose the self-billing option, Bolt will create the invoice on your behalf, and the earned commission will be paid out automatically.

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