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Product First Approach
Read about how to create content with a product-first approach.

There is a difference between embedding products to matching content and writing content about a specific product. There is no right or wrong, but when it comes to e-commerce, the so-called product first approach proves to be more successful in terms of conversion rates. The main reason behind this is that you actively promote one product and get the chance to emphasise its uniqueness. Of course, you could write about white dresses in general and embed some of them, but the impact on the reader is usually lower. On the other hand, to feature a product with all its advantages creates an urgency of owning this specific product, making it more likely that the reader will buy the product.

An example of well-produced product first content

What works best in terms of product selection:

  • suitable & competitive product price
  • unique item for your target audience
  • high-quality product images
  • free shipping / free returns
  • well known brand or relevant newcomer brand
  • relevant product for the season
  • unique deal or discount for your readers

What works best in terms of content:

  • call-to-action in headlines & links 
  • information about the brand/product 
  • why the product should be bought - USP 
  • inspiring images of the product
  • quote from brand or designer
  • shopping logo & trust elements
  • customer support information
  • optimised article with SEO keywords

Tip: Are you not sure if your content includes all the important features of a product first article? Use our handy scorecard to check your content quality.

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