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Editorial Integrity
Read about how to work with editorial integrity.

There is hardly any platform that can now solely rely on editorial content without including any banners, affiliate links, advertorials, or other integrations that create revenue. Shopping content has become an integral part of the daily business of many editorial teams.

But for some editors, creating sales-focussed content still feels a little odd, and they are reluctant to sell products, use too many call to actions, and feature shoppable articles. But the beauty is that you can actually create shopping content that really matters and has an added value for your audience. It’s just a matter of how you produce the content.

Therefore before you start writing, we recommend sitting down with your team and thinking about your role and expertise as an editor. The audience reading your content is looking for guidance and you are the expert who can actually guide them through the jungle of e-commerce offers. Your voice really makes a difference and is trusted by them.

That is why it is even more important that you don’t write about things or products that you don’t like. The audience values your honest opinion and will sense it if you are only featuring a product only for the money. Dare to be authentic and only pick products that match your own taste, are great for your audience, and give you a comfortable feeling.

As long as you are genuine and proud about what you are recommending, the audience will appreciate your tips and consider it as what it is: an extra service with a new level of convenience.

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