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Merchant Onboarding Process
Read about how to onboard merchants to Checkout Everywhere.

You may have existing or new merchant partners that you would like to make shoppable with Bolt Checkout Everywhere. During your onboarding process, Bolt will provide training and resources for you to onboard merchants to the platform.

This brief overview describes all the steps of the onboarding process before you can start selling products of a merchant:

  1. Walk the merchant through the pitch materials
  2. Negotiate the default commissions
  3. Ask the merchant to create an account
  4. Reach out to your partner manager to confirm their integration method and get their onboarding form
  5. Have the merchant complete the onboarding form
  6. Return the onboarding form to your partner manager
  7. Bolt monitors the technical integration of the merchant and communication with the merchant
  8. Bolt activates the merchant on Checkout Everywhere
  9. The merchant’s products can now be found in the inventory tab of the portal and all contact details are accessible in the contact list so that you can start setting up campaigns
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