Read about how commissions work.

The commission is the revenue that you are earning per each completed purchase through Bolt Checkout Everywhere. It is a percentage on the consumer price of merchandise (not including shipping and taxes). Commissions on returned merchandise will be reversed.

Default Commission

The default commission is the revenue split that merchants are agreeing on when initially being onboarded to Bolt Checkout Everywhere. It is - if not explicitly mentioned - applicable for all their products in the assortment.


Do you want to work with an already onboarded merchant but the commission is below your expectation? You can always re-enter the negotiations with the merchant and agree on a specific commission that is suitable for your platform. Just make sure to inform your Bolt partner manager.

Commission in the Publisher Portal

The commission that you are seeing in the publisher portal - no matter where - is always showing your share of the split without the Bolt share.

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