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Set up Checkout Everywhere Merchant Portal

Learn how to get set up in the Checkout Everywhere Merchant Portal

This guide describes how to access the Checkout Everywhere Merchant Portal and manage accounts for your users.

Create an Account

Create your user and merchant accounts so you can access your Checkout Everywhere Merchant Portal.

If you already have a user account and would like to create another merchant account for a new market, go to the Merchant Account Management section.

  1. Go to the Merchant Signup Page.
    • If a publisher is responsible for onboarding you to Checkout Everywhere, please ask the publisher for their special signup link. 
  2. Complete the user information form and click Create User Account.
  3. Complete the merchant information form. 
    • Note: The Sales Market field tells us what market your account is for. You cannot edit this field later. Please choose it carefully or ask your Merchant Acquisition Manager if you’re not sure about which option to choose.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Contact your Merchant Acquisition Manager with your merchant name. The Acquisition Manager notifies you when they finish setting up your account.

User Account Management

Add users to your merchant account to enable other key business stakeholders to access the Checkout Everywhere Merchant Portal. We recommended that you add, at minimum, a project manager, a campaign planner, and a customer service agent to your merchant account.

Add a New User

Contact Merchant Support (bce-merchants@bolt.com) with the email of the new user. The new user will receive an invitation email with a signup link.

Manage User Access

To comply with GDPR data requirements, you may want to limit the users who can access shoppers' personal data through the Merchant Dashboard.

By default, all users in your merchant account can go to the Orders tab and access shopper data. This access is important for some of your users to keep your business running, but you may decide that this level of access is not necessary for many user roles.

To limit a user’s access: 

  1. Contact Merchant Support (bce-merchants@bolt.com) and provide the email associated with the user account.
  2. Support will adjust this user’s level of access. 
  3. When the user navigates to the Orders tab, they can no longer access shopper data.

To prevent new users from ever seeing shopper data, you can request limited access at the time of user creation.

Merchant Account Management

You can manage multiple Checkout Everywhere merchant accounts with one user account. 

If you have multiple merchant accounts associated with multiple user accounts, you can eliminate the extra user accounts.

Contact Checkout Everywhere Merchant Support (bce-merchants@bolt.com) and send the following: 

  • The user account you’d like to keep
  • Names of the merchant accounts you want to link to this user account

Switch Selected Merchant Account

When you have multiple merchant accounts linked to your user account, use the following steps to easily switch between them:

  1. Log into the Checkout Everywhere Merchant Portal.
  2. Click your merchant name in the sidebar to view all linked merchant accounts.
  3. Click another merchant account name to switch.

If you would like to have more merchant accounts with new brands or for new markets, please contact your Acquisition Manager. They will provide you professional insights about the new markets and possible collaborations with publishers.

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