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Adobe Commerce (Magento) v2.3 Integration

Checkout Everywhere for Adobe Commerce (Magento) v2.3

Integrating Checkout Everywhere orders with Magento requires providing:

  • store URL
  • username
  • password
  • shipping method
  • payment method

The Magento user has to have permission to read and write orders which are going to be placed with given shipping and payment method.  Both methods need to be active in Magento system. Please follow instruction below that explains how to retrieve required data.


1. Log in to your Magento administration panel

Log in to Magento

2. Write down the site URL address that need to be passed to the contact person at Bolt

Site URL address


3. Go to user roles

User Roles

4. Add new role and name it (for example) Checkout Everywhere Integration

New role

Name new role

5. Give this role permission to create and view orders

Role permissions


6. Go to Users

Navigate to Users

7. Add new user

Add a user

8. Fill in mandatory data and write down User Name and Password that need to be passed to the contact person at Bolt

User settings

9. Assign this user the Checkout Everywhere Intergration role created previously

Role assignment


10. Go to store configuration

Store Configuration

11. Go to shipping methods configuration. Then, choose the one you want to use for Checkout Everywhere orders. Make sure that the shipping method is enabled.

Set up shipping method

12. Go to payment methods and pick one offline payment method. Make sure that the payment method is enabled. We recommend choosing bank transfer.

Set up payment method

Send data from the instruction above to your contact person at Bolt. All you need to provide are:

  • store URL
  • username
  • password
  • shipping method
  • payment method
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