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Product listed with inaccurate information - API/Touchless
Find out how to mitigate and fix inaccurate product information

Product importing for API/Touchless Merchants is automatic.

If a product is listed with incorrect information, it is important to determine what information is shown incorrectly and the possible reasons.

Common Issues

Product Price or Availability

Bolt runs an import to update price and stock once a day.

  • If you updated product price or availability, the new information will be synchronized to Tipser in the next import. Please contact bce-merchants@bolt.com if it is not updated in 24h.
  • For API merchants, please check your “stock tracking” settings in your API platform. If you want to keep an accurate stock number on Checkout Everywhere, please keep “stock tracking” on.
  • For Touchless merchants, please check your “continue selling with 0 stock” settings. When this setting is on, we may not be able to get the accurate stock.

Product Name, Description, or Images

Product name, description, and images are not synchronized automatically. If you make an update, please contact bce-merchants@bolt.com to run a full import of your account.

Number of Products

Before publishing your merchant account, we do quality assurance to confirm that the product number in your Checkout Everywhere account is the same as the product source you gave when subscribing.

However, sometimes the product numbers can be less on Checkout Everywhere and the reasons could be:

Issue Solution
There are newly added products. Contact bce-merchants@bolt.com to run an import of your account.
Some products are out of stock, and we do not show products without stock to POS. Add stock for your product.

Delivery Cost or Time

Please contact bce-merchants@bolt.com to make changes to delivery cost and time.

Product Brand

Touchless Merchants

Please contact bce-merchants@bolt.com for updates on product brand.

API Merchants

We import brand information from your API. Please update it there and contact bce-merchants@bolt.com to run an import.


Default Commission

  • Every merchant has a default commission which is usually 30%.
  • If a publisher onboarded you, please discuss with the POS first. When both of you agree, please send an email to merchant@tipser.com and keep the publisher in copy for the update.
  • If Tipser onboarded you, please reach out to your contact person for the request.

Campaign Commission

Campaign commission needs to be agreed upon by both the publisher and merchants. When you decide on a new commission rate, the publisher will send us a request to update the commission.

Visibility of Products

If you would like to allow or deny-list products, please send the product names and Products ID from your source to bce-merchants@bolt.com to set them up.


For other issues, please contact bce-merchants@bolt.com.

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