Sales FAQ
Find frequently asked questions regarding sales and orders.

Who should customers contact for order issues?

All queries regarding orders or payments should go directly to the merchant.

Who will pay shipping costs?

You will decide on the shipping cost for your products when you integrate with Bolt Checkout Everywhere. If the shipping cost is not free, customers will pay for the shipping cost for their orders.

We charge no commission on shipping costs.

To update your shipping fees, please reach out to

How can my products be featured in publishers’ sites?

If editors from publishers are interested in your products and would like to have collaborations with you, they will reach out to you.

What is the return policy and cost?

The return policy depends on you as a merchant and what policy applies to purchases from your company.

You can set and later change the return policy in Merchant Portal -> Settings. There you can also attach a link to your return policy on your web store.

Will customers get an order confirmation email from Bolt?

Bolt will send a payment confirmation email to the customer after an order is placed and payment is successfully processed. Merchants are responsible for confirming the order with an order confirmation email directly to the customer.

Do I get access to consumers' email addresses through Bolt Checkout Everywhere?

Yes you do. Orders will always include the shopper’s email address when placed into your system.

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