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Merchant Account FAQ
Find frequently asked questions regarding your merchant account.

Can I sell in multiple markets?

Of course. Bolt Checkout Everywhere has publishers in the US and UK. If you want to expand your business in other markets, please reach out bce-merchants@bolt.com.

Why do I need to integrate with Bolt Checkout Everywhere?

Integration is required to import your product inventory and place orders on your ecommerce platform on behalf of the shopper.

How much does integration cost on Bolt Checkout Everywhere?

Connecting with Checkout Everywhere is free of any fixed cost.

What type of Checkout Everywhere integration should I use?

Bolt will help you select an integration method during onboarding. You can compare our most common integration types below.

Integration Type Touchless Hybrid Shop Plug-in
Compatible carts All Shopify, Magento2, Salesforce, WooCommerce Shopify, Magento2, Salesforce, WooCommerce, Shopware
Merchant Lift to integrate 30 minutes 45 minutes 15 minutes
Requirements Allowlisting Allowlisting, API keys Provide API keys
Product Data Scrape Bot API API
Order Placement Bot Bot API
Highest quality product data X X
Product stock counts If public on your web shop X X
Customer data X X X
Payment on orders At time of purchase At time of purchase Monthly

What do I need to provide for integration?

  1. Create an Account
  2. Reach out to bce-merchants@bolt.com to connect to a specialist who will help you select an integration method and provide you an onboarding form.
  3. Complete the required allowlisting or provide API keys based on your selected integration method.
  4. We complete the integration and schedule a time for them to cancel test orders

How long will it take for integration?

Depending on your selected integration method, it will take two to six weeks for Bolt to complete your Checkout Everywhere Integration. For the quickest integration, follow all steps and guidance on the onboarding form provided to you.

How can I place a test order after integration?

We will work with you to place test orders during the integration process.

If you have additional requests on this, please reach out to bce-merchants@bolt.com.

How can my merchant account be published?

Your account will be published after a quality assurance when product importing is properly done.

If you have additional requests, please reach out to bce-merchants@bolt.com regarding your request.

Can we have more than one login user account associated with each merchant account?

Yes. Please reach out to bce-merchants@bolt.com regarding your request.

We have lost access to our Checkout Everywhere account, how do we get a new login?

Please reach out to bce-merchants@bolt.com.

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