Finance FAQ
Find frequently asked questions regarding finance and payment matters.

What is a commission?

The commission is a share of net sales that publishers and Bolt receive for sales via Checkout Everywhere.

What is the commission rate?

The commission rates differ depending on publisher requirements, product range and product category. In general our publishers ask for a 20% commission, calculated on the final price to the customer.

What are the costs for Checkout Everywhere other than commissions?

Currently the connection to Tipser costs you nothing and is totally risk-free: there are no monthly basic fees or set-up costs.

Why do I receive invoices from Bolt?

Automatic (Touchless) merchants get payment for each order immediately including full sales prices. Bolt will send invoices to Automatic merchant to retrieve the commission for publishers and us.

API and manual merchants can get invoice data according to the payment preference selected.

The invoice/payment I got from Bolt is not as expected, what should I do?

Please contact with your question.

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