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How Checkout Everywhere Works
Find out how Bolt Checkout Everywhere works.

Bolt Checkout Everywhere integrates with your store so you can upload products and synchronize orders seamlessly. 

Networks of Collaboration

When you integrate with Checkout Everywhere, our network of publishers can access your products and promote your business. Publishers create content to sell your products on their site with any of the following methods:

  • Embedded into content
  • Traditional web shop interface
  • Inside apps
  • Other creative solutions

Seamless Shopper Experience

We provide a seamless shopping experience in which the shopper doesn’t have to visit another website to complete their purchase. The publisher’s website guides the shopper from inspiration to purchase, resulting in a better customer experience and an increase in conversion rates. 

Maintain Your Customer Relationships

While Checkout Everywhere handles checkout and payment, we let you handle order fulfillment as usual. Orders and information about each customer and purchase are available wherever you choose to manage your business (in the Merchant Portal or through your e-commerce platform).


Bolt charges no monthly fees or set-up costs for Checkout Everywhere. Merchants pay a commission to Bolt and the publisher on confirmed and fulfilled orders. If an order is returned, the sales commission is not processed. 

We bear all other costs for payment processing and customer service. An integration with Checkout Everywhere entails no minimum terms of contract apart from a 30-day notice period to terminate.

Sale Commission

The commission rates differ depending on publisher requirements, product range, and product category. 

In general, our publishers ask for at least 30% commission, calculated on the final price to the customer. We charge no commission on shipping costs.

  • Default commission rate (by market): The default rate that any given publisher can get from selling your products. You will have the option of only displaying your products to specific publishers.
  • Publisher-specific commission rate: Most publishers request a minimum commission rate for selling products on their site. If you have not negotiated a rate with your publisher, we suggest setting your default commission rate to at least 30%.

Integration Overview

Step 1: Prepare your store

Choose an integration method and import the product inventory to Checkout Everywhere.

  • Manual merchants can manage their products and orders on the Checkout Everywhere merchant portal. 
  • API and touchless merchants can mange products, orders, and customers in the e-commerce platform of their choice.

Step 2: Start sales with publishers

  • When your product catalog is ready, we publish your store. Editors from our publishers are notified that you are live on the platform and can begin creating content to sell your products.
  • Editors perform organic discovery frequently to select products to feature in their upcoming content. Editors may reach out to you to negotiate campaigns and discounts. 

We regularly present new merchants to publishers via:

  • Contact list
  • Newsletters
  • Weekly meetings

Step 3: Order fulfillment and payment

  • Customers can purchase your products directly on the publisher’s site, where they found the content that featured your product. Our system registers the order, calculates commissions, and sends order information directly to the Merchant Portal or your e-commerce platform.
  • You will receive payment depending on your integration type: - Touchless merchants receive payment for each order at the time of sale. Checkout Everywhere sends invoices regularly for sales commission on behalf of publishers. - API and manual merchants receive monthly payments from Checkout Everywhere that represent all sales. We’ve already deducted your commissions from these funds, so you won’t be invoiced separately.
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