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Order Confirmation Page

Merchants can substitute Bolt’s well-featured order confirmation page for the default cart page. Bolt’s page provides a branded and modern experience for shoppers.


  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Friendly, personalized checkout message
  • Contact & shipping information
  • List of purchased items
  • Option to create Bolt account
  • SMS order tracking opt-in

Bolt Confirmation Page Desktop


Tracking Pixels and Scripts

Tracking pixels and scripts still work as they did before. After the order goes through, we immediately display the Bolt confirmation page and load the merchant’s confirmation page in the background to preserve all scripts and tracking.


You are not able to provide upsells and product recommendations on this page at this time.

SMS Opt-In

Display a button that enrolls a shopper into SMS order tracking updates.

Bolt Confirmation SMS Opt-In

Bolt Account Creation

Enable guest shoppers to save their information and quickly create a Bolt account.


The customizations that merchants make to their checkout experience (i.e., logos, colors, etc.) also apply to the confirmation page.


Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) and request enablement of the order confirmation page. Provide your merchant support email address.


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