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Generate Checkout Links
Learn how to create a link shoppers can use to check out with any product, anywhere.

A Checkout Link is a direct link or QR code to a checkout flow for a specific product. Shoppers click this link or scan this QR code with their mobile device and are immediately taken to a product-specific checkout page to purchase a product. This reduces the number of steps in the checkout process and elevates ads or live experiences into purchase conversion.

Use Cases

  • Turn physical ads on billboards, public transportation, and street kiosks into points of conversion.
  • Create an intuitive shopping journey by sending shoppers to a preloaded cart with items yet to be purchased.
  • Create QR codes that allow in-store shoppers to purchase out-of-stock items online with one click.


Merchant Benefits Shopper Benefits
Easily direct shoppers to a purchasing experience from across branded sites. Skip navigating through a storefront to buy a desired product.
Further reduce friction at checkout, enhancing the one-click shopping experience for shoppers and increasing conversion. Can purchase their favorite products through SMS/email marketing campaigns without finding the specific product on a website themselves.
View analytics for orders purchased via Checkout Links versus the storefront.

Shopper Experience

  1. Customer clicks on Checkout Link or scans a QR code.
  2. Shopper is directed to either:
    a. A Bolt-hosted product display page with the product SKU preselected.
    b. A checkout page with the product SKU already populated.
  3. Shopper checks out via one-click checkout. If the shopper is logged in to the Bolt network, they will complete checkout seconds after clicking the Checkout Link.
  4. Order via Checkout Link is reflected in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard and Analytics.

Constructing Checkout Links

Checkout links are constructed using the product SKU, provided by the merchant. This SKU can either be a parent SKU (for example, a sweater), or a child SKU representing a specific variant (for example, the same sweater in the color red and size medium.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to request activation of the Checkout Links feature. You’ll need to provide the following information in a CSV file:

  • Product SKU
  • Product URL
  • UTM Source

This information will be compiled with other parameters to create links with the following URL structure:


URL Structure Definitions

URL Parameter Description Value
baseurl Bolt domain where checkout flow will be hosted. connect.bolt.com (default)
This can be configured to have another name in the URL if desired, ie. <othername>.connect.bolt.com
merchant_division_id Bolt merchant identifier, public identifier generated by Bolt for any merchant active on Bolt. merchant_division_id=XXX
product_sku Merchant SKU for the product variant selected by the shopper. Merchant dependent.
product_url Merchant product URL for this SKU. If Bolt is unable to find the product_sku on the merchant’s catalog, Bolt will redirect to this product_url instead.
Example: https%3A%2F%2Fwww.forever21.com%2Fus%2F2000460428.html%3Fdwvar_2000460428_color%3D04
utm_source Bolt source attribution parameter. Source attribution for reporting purposes. Current options:
  • social: social media posts
  • email: marketing emails
  • landing_page: marketing landing pages outside of a merchant’s storefront
  • other: placeholder for additional use cases
  • qrcode: scan QR code from physical media
utm_campaign_id Bolt campaign attribution parameter. Dependent on campaign id formatting.

The link below will take you to a live checkout page for a Bolt product.

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